SCBA/SAR Repair and Rebuild Center


CanAm Safety has a complete SCBA/SAR repair and rebuild center at your disposal. CanAm Safety is also proud to be able to offer new and refurbished SCBAs.


CanAm Safety’s technicians are qualified and experienced to repair many makes and models of SCBAs. No breathing apparatus will leave our shop until we are sure that it is safe for you and your employee’s usage. This means all parts of the pack are inspected both visually and mechanically to ensure that the pack is functioning the way it was designed to.


One of the most important checks we can complete is the flow bench check using our Biosystems PosiChek3. This unit allows us to mechanically ensure that the pack is working properly. Once it has passed the Posichek3 test bench, a Certificate is issued providing you with a record of inspection. Most manufacturers recommend that a flow bench test be completed at minimum once a year or whenever major repairs are done.


CanAm Safety’s has a complete repaint center that can take your old worn cylinder and turn them into nice looking units. Appearance is very important when dealing with Safety Equipment because even though a unit may be functioning correctly user will have hesitancy in trusting equipment that looks derelict. Thus by combining a paint job with a complete overhaul we can make your unit look and feel like new.