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Since the company's formation in 2002, CanAmSafety has operated under a simple formula, offering a comprehensive range of quality products backed by expertise and supported by unbeatable service.


This successful combination has led to Canam being recognised as the specialists in the field of safety equipments.


Our extensive range of equipment from simple escape sets to full breathing air systems, rescue equipment and gas detection is supplied with a comprehensive set of documentation including full operating instructions, test and service records and certificates verifying calibration, cylinder testing and air quality.


Full details of maintenance and hire history are held on our extensive database, allowing us to instantly identity any areas of concern.


CanAm ‘s professional’s approach safety from a proactive rather than reactive position. Here we have a team of individuals who work together to produce products or deliver services for which they are mutually accountable. Team members share goals and are mutually held accountable for the services we provide, they are interdependent in their accomplishment, and they affect the results through their skills and efficient workmanship.


To provide better efficiency and effectiveness we provide with constant trainings and mentoring to all our team members, which in turn helps us produce higher quality products and services.


Our H2S technicians know the safety equipment that they work with and ensure it is maintained in perfect working order. In case of any H2S emergency they are trained to respond in a calm and professional manner. Their knowledge also assists the customer to prevent an H2S emergency from occurring. 

Our Mission

CanAm Safety is dedicated to the provision of a safe working environment for our clients and employees, and will strive to provide dedicated service which encompass HSE and Quality Industry norms. 


Our employees are our most valuable asset and we will do what ever necessary to ensure their safety and the safety of our clients, in the execution of our projects and duties.

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