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Gas Detection Services


CanAm Safety can provide quality H2S Professionals and Detection services to your work site.




CanAm Safety  has a complete SCBA/SAR repair and rebuild centre at your disposal.


Our technicians are trained to take your old derelict equipment in and return it to you in like new condition at a fraction of the cost of new packs.


Breathing Air Systems


CanAm Safety can help you whether you need to rent, purchase or repair Breathing Apparatus. CanAm Safety is proud to be able to offer new and re-manufactured SCBAs.



Safety Equipment Rentals




Cylinder Services


CanAm Safety is proud to be able to offer our customers a full range of Cylinder Services, from Hydro-testing to Sandblasting and Refinishing CanAm is able to fulfill your requirements.


Compressor Services


Whether you need to purchase, rent, or repair a breathing air compressor CanAm Safety  is able to assist you.



Repair and Maintenance




Shutdown Services



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